Woodburning Inserts

Perhaps you love the beauty and charm of your old woodburning fireplace, the sights, scents and sounds of crackling flames over glowing embers, but really never use it because lighting a fire in it causes the rest of your home to be too cold.  A simple solution, still burn wood, and enjoy nothing but the cozy heat with a woodburning insert!  Modern, rustic or traditional styles in a number of sizes are designed for ultimate convenience and ease-of-use.  A wood insert puts all the control in the hands of the homeowner since the fire is contained – Heat output and airflow are easily manipulated with the variable speed fans and tightly sealed ceramic glass doors.

With the new technology and designs, meeting the new EPA standards for woodburning, the woodburning inserts have improved over the years, making them extremely effective heat sources.  Made with cast iron or steel, these inserts fit perfectly into an existing masonry fireplace and most prefabricated fireplaces.  Your chimney will be relined with a 6” stainless steel flex pipe to rout out combustible by products, and the insert will benefit with the relining because the smaller pipe size will provide a better draft as well as an added margin of safety, turning your existing masonry fireplace, or prefabricated fireplace, into a high efficiency heating machine.  A perfect fire for your space!

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  • Montlake Series by Ironstrike


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