Whether it’s the penetrating warmth of wood, the convenience of natural or propane gas, or the high output of pellet fuel, freestanding stoves provide a cozy “go to” area that are available in virtually any style and size and can be easily incorporated into your home decor.  And an energy efficient way to zone heat.

A freestanding stove is the most versatile hearth product.  They are made of steel, stone or cast iron, and finishes include porcelain enamel and high temperature paint in an array of colors.   Although stoves have been around for decades, there’s nothing old-fashioned about modern models.  In fact, the stoves on the market today feature modern capabilities, beautiful design and wonderful efficiencies.  Yes, stoves have come a long way and are quickly becoming a popular choice of fireplace, once again.  Solid fuel and gas stoves can provide the perfect traditional touch to any home, and with the range of contemporary stoves, we can ensure that even if you have modern décor we can find an elegant stove to complement your home.  The perfect fire for your space.

Our expert team will carry out a full chimney and site survey in order to find you the perfect solution.  Thanks to our years of experience and highly trained team, even if you think your home isn’t suitable for a stove, we can tailor a flueing system to ensure that you can safely have the stove you want.