Gas Stoves

If you are looking for a convenient and easy-to-operate heating system, consider a free-standing gas stove – Direct Vent or Vent Free.  Either lead to a beautiful burning fire without the need to chop, split or buy logs.  Zone heating which will let you heat the two or three of the busiest rooms in your house without wasting money heating rooms that remain empty.  The heat from a free standing gas stove is easy to control!

Our collection of Direct Vent and Vent Free Stoves offers state of the art flame technology and innovative comfort controls allowing you to be heated comfortably while enjoying the ambiance of the fire.  Gas stoves offer high efficiency, cleanliness and maintain your healthy home environment.  There are both traditional and contemporary styles to choose from.  From European contemporary-style, with customizable features to create a striking showpiece  and designed for comfort and style….. to the Classic-style or Cast-iron with multiple color options displaying a captivating fire with realistic logs and customized flame control.

Gas stoves fit nicely in so many applications where others do not and can be vented (Direct Vent) in so many configurations that almost any room can have a Direct Vent stove installed.  If space is at a premium, many Direct Vent stoves only require about 3 or 4 square feet to install, making them a great option for tight spaces or small rooms.

Stop by our Showroom to find a reliable and beautiful heating source……the perfect fire for your space.

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