Woodburning Stoves

With a Wood Stove you can enjoy the traditional aspects of a wood fire as well as innovative heating and efficiency technology.  

Wood, as a fuel source, has always been the most economical followed by wood pellets and then natural gas. The “new” wood stoves are nothing less than amazing!  Instead of the 25% efficiency you get from traditional wood burning fireplaces, or the 50% from the old style wood stoves, the new, high efficiency models give you 75% + efficiency!  That means your burn times are longer (less loading required) and it consumes less wood.

There are ‘Cat’ and ‘Non-Cat’ woodburning stoves.  The Cat stoves use a catalytic combustors, and Non-Cat recirculate the smoke and reburn it.  Normally, smoke isn’t completely consumed in the burning process, because some wood gases require temperatures as high as 1,200F to burn wood efficiently.  A catalytic combustor lowers this required temperature to 600F, achieving a long, slow, controlled combustion that burns off the smoke that otherwise would leave the chimney as dirty, wasted fuel.   Noncatalytic (recirculating) stoves use a heavily insulated firebox.  This insulation keeps the heat in, creating a hot environment that encourages more complete combustion, with a secondary combustion chamber to burn off more gases and soot particles.  Due to the new regulations, both types should provide comparable long-term performance.

You can tell if a wood stove is well-made by checking for clean castings, smooth welds, tight doors, smoothly-operating draft controls, and the appearance of good workmanship.

We carry a full complement of front loading, side loading and top loading wood stoves both in plate steel and cast iron composition and to fit any decor!

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